Hatred Xbox One — как исправить?

I would ask you guys to bring this game to the xbox Hatred new one before the end leading to the Sony ps4 and become the exclusive !!! Ответ

Hey, guys! The best place to get your voice heard with this is the Feedback site. You will want to see if this is already a suggestion there, and give it a vote. If you can’t seem to find it, please post up the suggestion and gather the votes.

Since this isn’t a support issue, I’m going to lock this thread down. If you need assistance with any support issues, please post up a new thread detailing what you’re running into and troubleshooting you’ve completed. This way our community can get you the individual support that works best on the forums. :)

Источник: https://answers.microsoft.com/ru-ru/xbox/forum/all/hatred-xbox-one/075da24d-3b9b-4631-8653-9271cbd51bcc

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