Lost connection to host – как исправить?

For about a month now I have been having trouble with my connection in BO2.  I played from release day up until a month ago with no problems at all.  The problem I am having is when Im in the middle of a game I will get the connection symbol pop up on screen then it wil say lost connection to host, and it will put me right into what appears to be a lobby.  Sometimes after the lost connection to host it will immediatly load me into same match with no kills or deaths and sometimes it wont let me do anything then I lose my connection to live and my internet at home goes down.  And then other times I can just join another lobby and go on.  I know its not the host quiting because my friends are still in the same match.  I have tried deleting all DLC and files for BO2 and redownloading them, I also deleted profile and redownloaded.  My internet company has come out and put all new phone lines and modem in and I bought a new router.  My normal connection is a DSL 20 download and 10 upload.

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Reset internets/modem/router before playing. Thatll help for a bit, but may disconnect after a few. At least youll be connected good in the games you are in. (If its only a few.)

Источник: https://answers.microsoft.com/ru-ru/xbox/forum/all/lost-connection-to-host/f37a68fe-ef08-4909-b03a-c6ed4b13f884

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