Low GPU usage — как исправить?

So here’s my problem :  
While I’m in the main menu my GPU usage is around 50% and it runs smoothly but whenever I launch the Benchmark or the campain (have not tried mutliplayer but i suppose it’ll be the same) the GPU usage goes down around 10% — 20% (read by EVGA Precision X OC) and the game runs very poorly.  
I find that really strange as the game was working well on my older PC which had a i7 2600 (non K), 10GB of ram and a GTX 1070. I now have a i7 7700K, 16GB of ram and still the same GTX 1070 and the game does not work well.  
I’ll add that from what I have read in a thread on the game’s forum (LOW FPS GTX 1070 — GPU BOUND AT <10% ON BENCHMARK https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/forums/a35773093fe74d3d9970e0a896b16d6d/threads/low-fps-gtx-1070—gpu-…) the people that have the same problem with the game all seems to have skylake/kabylake (i5/i7 6xxxx/7xxxx) CPU.

            Low GPU usage

Hey there guissmo!

Let’s start with the obvious and double check that your GPU drivers are fully updated and on the latest version.

I took a look through the thread you’ve linked from the Gears of War forums. It looks like a couple people believe that the issue lies with the «Gigabye App Center» for their motherboards. What model motherboard do you currently have and are you using that App Center to manage it? I’ve also noticed some people mentioning that it may be an issue with the Intel Lake series CPU but hopefully that’s not the case.

If you could also give us a dxdiag that’d be helpful.

Post back and let us know. :)


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