невозможно продолжить из-за неполадки (0х80а4001а) [unable to continue due to a problem (0x80-4001a)] – как исправить?

невозможно продолжить из-за неполадки (0х80а4001а)

Translation: [unable to continue due to a problem (0x80-4001a) ]

Hi there,

Would like a bit of clarification on a few things. Does this happen to occur when trying to sing in to your account? When exactly do you get the error code? Are you getting this code on an Xbox console?

Also, just to let you know there is currently a Service Alertout right now for our Core services. The error code 0x8a4001a is usually what most will see. Another error message is “There was a problem please try again later.”

There are many posting to remove and redownload your profile, as this has helped a few you can try this step. Although, being the service alert is for signing in there are some who are unable to re-download profile after removing it. We suggest just waiting it out keep checking the service status. Also, there is way to get notified once there’s an update with the Service alert.

If you decide to try the removal of the profile and not sure how to do so here is a link for it. As well as there is a link on how to Power cycle your console. 

  • Add and remove profile 

  • Power cycle console

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
-L ᕦ {≷• ܫ•≶}ᕤ

Источник: https://answers.microsoft.com/ru-ru/xbox/forum/all/невозмож/ad99ab67-f8ee-4e69-ae93-c0aaa81dcd88

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