PayDay 2 Crime.Net online – как исправить?

Hallo I can’t join any game on online. It has worked with a invite from a friend, but I can’t join a public session.

Although the menus in becomes unresponsive each five seconds for a 7 second long time, this is very embarrassing!! Get them this to work.

If they had no BETA for testing this, that’s would be their fold.

If this problem is not fixed in a week I want to refund this piece of joke…

Years ago I purchased payday2 on Xbox 360 with Bootleg- DLC for 10.- CHF more, which has never become released!

This is like stealing money! Take a speech to this Overkill software company, and the payday producers!

Sorry but that makes me angry!!

Sorry to hear it’s not working.  Unfortunately this is not because of anything that Xbox has done.  What you would need to do is contact the developers of the game to see if they know what is happening with it.


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