rebel galaxy how do i save game without having to return to a station — как исправить?

This is a bit of a pain. It seems that one has to visit a station in order to save a game. Yet there are 10 save slots in the manage saves section of the game but only one is used. Therefore i am thinking there is another way to save. If anyone has figured this out please let me know. Trundling back to a station after completing each mission is a pain after the first 40 or fifty times. If you dont sooner or later you die and end up back outside the station you last entered with all your done missions wiped. Shame to its not a bad game (not a good one either). But i find it interesting enough to use as a filler between games i am playing but for this one problem. It’s urksom.

You can’t.You need to travel to a station to save.

To be fair,they are never more than a minute or so away so it’s not really that much of an issue.

The different save slots are there if you decide to have several separate playthroughs on the go at once.

One save slot per playthrough/game so you could have one save where you are playing the Pirate/main storyline & a separate save for say a good guy/main storyline playthrough.


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