Request for reason for account suspension (banning)? — как исправить?

As a concerned parent, can I please have the reason for the banning of our son’s Xbox Live account as all we have to go in is a message on the screen saying it has been banned and no reason hence no way to address the problem whatever it is? The gamer tag in question is LostCause258. Any help would be appreciated?

I received the following reply to my email about a console ban message on our sons Xbox and send the following text to the general forum. I would be interested in any other experiences like this as there is a consumer protection issue here, it appears like the US arm of Xbox are using a nuclear missile to crack a peanut! and its out of control:

«Your forum post was deleted by a moderator. Subject: Reason for Banning of Xbox Live Account Posted to: 14 — My LIVE account was suspended Reason: There is no current account suspension on the gamertag that was given. If this is in concern of a console ban then please refer to the following: We do not discuss console bans in the forum. For more information, please refer to the FAQ located here:…/consoleban»

I am aware that you will not post this but am I concerned that the reasoning given and the method of investigation and write of reply or appeal action or lack off is completely and utterly unjustifiable and is out of control in my opinion. As this also effects money paid for the console which was purchased brand new with no other user and the ubscription paid for the Xbox live account, if upheld this consitutes a fraudulant action on your (or microsoft’s part if they endorse you actions) by taking unwarranted action like this without a physical investigation of the machine.

We gladly off the machine for inspection by a technician and if found to be tampered with then we will accept that, but only after that action. If the ban is for other reasons, as there are finacial implications for us, we have a right under australian consumer protection law which is the country where the console was purchased to have a proven and detailed reasons for your actions and for you to take this action with out detailed justification is a breach of this legilation and we will hold yourselves as the decision makers via microsoft responsible.

Take this as an opportunity to be completely detailed over your reasoning. If it is valid and proven physically, we would have no hasitation in accepting that. This is all we would ask and really is the minimum that shoudl be expected under the circumstances.


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