Update in Progress — как исправить?

Hi, so today I got my xbox hooked up to the internet after a long time being offline. It downloaded the updates and started everything good. I went and downloaded a demo, while looking across the «new» design of xbox live the console froze and I turned it off. When I turned it back on, an error message appeared stating that some parts of the console are not functioning correctly and the console will have to be reset.
I accepted and the console reset then popping up with it wanting me to download an update for xbox live. I click okay because I can’t go online without it for some reason.
It downloads 100 % and then the console restarts asking me to download the file again.
I tried clearing the cache from both the hard drive and the xbox live marketplace cache.

I have some 52 GB on my harddrive spare. I tried switching back and forth between my original 15 Gb harddrive and the 60 GB one I bought later on. Same result.
This is really annoying and I couldn’t find anything quite like it with my google searches.

If anyone has clues please let me know. 

Greetings Troystone!

Could you try delete a portion of the system update, installed on your console, then try update the system once more. To do so, follow the steps up front and let us know how that goes and we’ll go from there.

Turn off your console. Press and hold the sync button (the small one you use to connect your wireless controllers). While holding press the power button to turn your console on. Continue to hold the sync button until the console is completely booted up.

Go to System Settings and choose storage.

On your controller, press the following button sequence:

    Press the left bumper.
    Press the right bumper.
    Press the X button.
    Press the left bumper.
    Press the right bumper.
    Press the X button.

The impossible just takes a little longer

Источник: https://answers.microsoft.com/ru-ru/xbox/forum/all/update-in-progress/e4947c19-7646-4966-99cc-c65b2207c073

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