Xbox 360 error 80072741 — как исправить?

Hi guys I have bought some microsoft points and when I redeem it, it says error cant connect xbox live services try again later status code 80072741 so I come onto the and look for my solutions I was working my way down the solutions until I reached delete gamer tag clear cache twice then re-dowload my profile after doing those steps when I tried re downloading my profile It comes up with the same error cant download xbox gamer tag try again later error 80072741 so I don’t know how to fix that if someone could give me help with being able to retrieve my account back on my xbox and then fixing the microsoft points then that would be much appreciated! thank you! 

Kind Regards AwkwardAuto5

Hello gamer,

I suggest you to update your account security proofs if you haven’t done so before and try to download your profile again

To update security information click…/security-proofs

For further help I suggest you to contact the phone support. You can find their number here:…/167791.aspx


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