You have been disconnected from the server. – как исправить?

You have been disconnected from the server., You have lost connection to host. Over and over again! Is this what we are to expect from Xbox Live Gold? I have a 150 mbps down and a 50 mbps up high speed FibreOp hard wired internet connection. Between last night and so far today I’ve received these notices 7-8 times over a period of 4 hrs of online COD Ghosts gaming. Before I sold COD BO3 I never received those notices and only twice I can remember having any the 2 months I had this game.  Am I missing something? Do they provide us with faulty servers to drive us onto their newer products? Does anyone that also has a PS4 experience the same disconnects and lag? 

I know I’ll get a few kiddies saying I shouldn’t complain and if I don’t like the service I’m getting then I should go elsewhere. United action and complaints are the only way to get the attention of this uncaring mega corp. thats only concern is more money more money more money  ( note the multitude of new micro transactions available) and to ignore the few ingrates that believe we should get what they promised           ( dedicated servers ) and what we paid for.

Благодарим за отзыв.

it is not gold that is doing this, cod is peer to peer, no dedicated servers as activision still aint using them so nothing microsoft can do here, you can have the ultimate speeds on earth but still get disconnections if peer to peer servers are having issues, also depends who is selected as the host.

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