Blocked server connectivity — как исправить?

I am about done with this new GFWL. If this doesn’t get fixed, I guess FH3 will be the first and last game I get on Windows PC. I was really excited for the play anywhere initiative, as I am a 99% PC gamer. However, being unable to play with my friends at all, Ill just wait for the steam release (if there is one) or just sit it out entirely. So many good games too.

I have tried, I assume, everything. I am permanently blocked on the windows 10 app

Iv seen the same people asking for the same info over and over throughout the web, so I am going to give it all here.

Internet Connection : COnnected
Xbox live : up and running

Xbox Mutliplayer 

       Nat type: open

        Server connectivity BLOCKED


      Latency 85, pack loss 0

Teredo Parameters
Type                    : client
Server Name             :
Client Refresh Interval : 20 seconds
Client Port             : 60209
State                   : qualified
Client Type             : teredo client
Network                 : unmanaged
NAT                     : cone
NAT Special Behaviour   : UPNP: No, PortPreserving: Yes

Windows Firewall is ON and a private network

Private Profile Settings:
State                                 ON
Firewall Policy                       BlockInbound,AllowOutbound
LocalFirewallRules                    N/A (GPO-store only)
LocalConSecRules                      N/A (GPO-store only)
InboundUserNotification               Enable
RemoteManagement                      Disable
UnicastResponseToMulticast            Enable

Solution 3: See if you’re using one of the following security software programs
Nope, I dont run risky operations on my PC so I have no 2nd firewall of any kind. 

Also, I dont have Hamachi or any other kind of network options aside from my only Ethernet connection (as I am aware those can casue issues)

Solution 4: See if the Windows services required for Xbox Live party chat and multiplayer gaming have been changed from their default values

Nope, all checked out

Also, I saw a couple posts around the web saying to try restarting 2 or 3 different services, like IP helper. I did that as well. 

I have uninstalled, and reinstalled «Teredo tunneling psudo-interface» SO many times. restarted so many times. fixed all my ports (hence its open now) iv installed teredo via CMD, and manually via legacy software (currently not installed at this time, only the CMD install is on right now)

    SP1Installed    REG_DWORD    0x1
    ClientPort    REG_DWORD    0xeb31
    Type    REG_DWORD    0x5
    RefreshInterval    REG_DWORD    0x14

    Dhcpv6DUID    REG_BINARY    000100012001CF687824AF419BE4
    DisabledComponents    REG_DWORD    0x0

I have an Archer C7 home router. It lists

Current UPnP Settings List
ID App Description External Port Protocol Internal Port IP Address Status
1 Teredo 3074 UDP 3074 Enabled
2 to 9308 (UDP 9308 UDP 9308 Enabled
3 Teredo 60209 UDP 60209 Enabled


To better assist you with your concern, please clarify the following information:

  • Were you able to play the game on the same computer before?
  • Have you done any changes on your network settings prior to the issue?
  • Are you still able to play other games on the same computer?
  • Have you tried to connect on a different network?

We’re looking forward to your response.


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