No vibration on PC using new Xbox One S Controller on Bluetooth – как исправить?

Using a new Xbox One S controller (white color) in Bluetooth wireless mode on a new Windows 10 PC (6700K, n1080 etc.). All drivers up to date, controller updated, OS up to date.

There is no vibration in Gears of War 4. Vibration is enabled in the game settings.

Tested multiple times, including several system resets and controller re-pairings etc.

I tested some other games I own, and vibration works fine with this controller on Bluetooth connection.

The only way I can get rumble in GOW4 PC with this controller is by using wired connection. But I didn’t pay $70 for a Bluetooth controller to use wires. 

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After a lot of experimenting, I discovered the solution to this issue.

Vibration DOES work with the Xbox One S controller over Bluetooth! I have seen false reports by people that Microsoft has said it doesn’t. That is simply incorrect. It does work.

Here is what is happening: sometimes when you connect and disconnect controllers, Windows will get confused about which to set as the PREFERRED game device. That word, PREFERRED, is the key. If the wireless controller is not marked as the preferred device, then the control inputs will still work, but vibration data will not be sent to the device.

So, how to fix it? Luckily, it’s VERY EASY.

1) Go the Game Controllers window via Control Panel.

2) Click on your controller (“Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device”).

3) Click on “Advanced” below the list of controllers.

4) Select “Bluetooth XINPUT compatible input device” as the preferred device.

Now, you should have full vibration working in Windows games while playing over Bluetooth.


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