UPDATE NEEDED – как исправить?

Turned my xbox on this morning and when i try starting any game on my xbox i get the message “you need this update, but we cant get it right now. Try again in a while”.On the Microsoft website it say thats i get this message because the servers are down but i know people who are online right now. I have tried hard resseting both my console and my internet. Dont have any more ideas


Hello Parris,

Sorry for the issue with the update. For all in the insider program, there are issues with the latest build update. Its best to go to the insider forum and post there. As that forum is where there will be fixes posted. Also there is a service alert for core services which can cause many issues. You can follow the service alert here.

Hope this helps.



Stay safe have fun. GAME HARD just not too hard :) ಠ益ಠ

Источник: https://answers.microsoft.com/ru-ru/xbox/forum/all/update-needed/b825808d-e8e3-4730-bfe3-bce09c782b4d

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