XBOX ONE ERROR E102 — как исправить?

Previously I had asked a question about contact number in India for XBOX. I got the contact and then call center replied me that I need to contact the distributor from where I had purchased.

I happen to be in Singapore now and went to the distributor about the problem….they just simply disowned any responsibility for software or hardware repair in XBOX. I was then told to contact Microsoft help center. I immediately called on 800 101 3659 ….. after(over) 20 min of hold up I could get a guy, with whom the talk about the ‘problem’ was useless with full of non-related argument. After 10-15 min talk, the guy wanted to explain the process and procedure of their complain handling and authorization of customer etc etc, over which I had to be rude as I have no free time to waste for a non-sense product and its problem. It is really pain full and time waster….

MY PROBLEM STILL REMAINS SAME……I want to bring the XBOX to nearest service/repair center, can I get its address or contact ! (in Singapore) 

Please first follow the instructions for troubleshooting error E102 here: Click on E102 and follow the instructions to fix it. It includes a special boot to the troubleshooter menu and a factory reset.

If you need a repair if the above does not work, your best bet would be to use the repair center here:

1. Register your device via serial number.

2. Click on start a service order or warranty repair.

3. Click what your problem is and start a repair.

You will be presented with a prepaid label for shipping but if you are not, you will have to contact xbox support here to help you with this unusual problem:

You don’t simply send it in to a repair center or call the repair center, you use the link I used up there to set up a repair.

If you need support in Singapore please call here:


Hours of Operations:
Monday to Friday 10.00AM — 6.00PM
Phone: 6622-1626
Contact page:


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