XBox One X E105 00000000 8007045D error – как исправить?

Decided to post this to bring some attention to the issue as I am unable to pull anything relevant to it on here. 

Long story short, the Xbox One X -regardless of Scorpio Edition or not- seems to be having a fatal error.  :”E105 00000000 8007045D error” to be exact. Symptoms include errors: “There is a problem with your saved games”, Freezing, and the famous “E105 00000000 8007045D error”. After hours on the phone with MS Support attempting the following troubleshooting steps: Hard reset (hold Xbox button down for 10 seconds), Disconnecting power completely for an extended amount of time, Eliminating power strips, Eliminating external HD, Clearing local Xbox 360 Games, Clearing all local saved games, Soft and Hard factory reset. Some of these can help remedy the issues temporarily however will ultimately resurface with a vengeance. Unfortunately my Xbox is bricked at this point. Apps freeze, games freeze, home freezes. After said issues with freezing, naturally one will reboot and find “something went wrong E105 00000000 8007045D error” on startup and unfortunately there is no remedy at this point -at least that MS Support knows of. 

Again, just trying to help bring attention to this issue as I know there are others out there suffering from this as well.

Here is a thread I found on Reddit that can hopefully clear up any questions and provide the current status of this.

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Based on “I need help with system updates on my Xbox One” steps need be restore to factory defaults have your try ?



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